In the first of an ongoing series, Last week in Links will bring together links to research and other content that are interesting from the perspective of microbes and us. It might simply be content that I have not had a chance to cover in more detail. It might also be content that is interesting but that I have not (yet) weaved into a full article. It might also be content that is locked up behind a paywall and that I have not got my hands on yet. I hope you find them useful.


Should we worry? large RCT shows prebiotics in infant formula do not affect fever episodes… in infants.

Woh! This study and this one suggest viruses might need a helping hand from gut microbes to wreak havoc.

Clever… Multiple Sclerosis is blamed on intestinal microbes (the lot) but don’t worry, it’s in mice genetically pre-disposed to developing MS when they have microbes in their gut. Interesting!

Gum disease only develops when normal mouth bacteria are present, suggesting they could be altered to prevent it. It is a long way off.

One to watch: getting around antibiotic resistance by disabling the needle.

Believe it when it’s published: More cranberry anti-infection claims.

… Oh? published today but locked up in a journal that does not even publish its table of contents (tick, tick, tick).

Cause or consequence? Type 1 diabetes, allergies in infants and altered gut microbiota composition.

Don’t read this having your lunch: Faecal transplantation effective in getting rid of C.difficile infection in 87% of cases (although the report might be positively biased).

Blame the weather: Infection rates climb in summer months; but what about climate change asks Maryn Mckenna?

A lead worth watching: Keeping bacteria at a small distance (50μm) in small intestine via antibacterial proteins.

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